The beatles album list and songs

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Each song on the sprawling double album The Beatles is an entity to itself, as the band touches on anything and everything it can. This makes for a frustratingly scattershot record or a singularly gripping musical experience, depending on your view, but what makesFrom 1968, in both the UK and the US, starting with the single Hey Jude and the album The Beatles (better known as the White Album ), new releases appeared on the Beatles' own Apple record label. Parlophone and Capitol catalogue numbers continued to be used for contractual reasons. the beatles album list and songs

With the Beatles is a sequel of the highest order one that betters the original by developing its own tone and adding depth. While it may share several similarities with its predecessor there is an equal ratio of coverstooriginals, a familiar blend of girl group, Motown, R& B, pop, and rock, and a show tune that interrupts the flow of the album With the Beatles is a better record

A comprehensive AZ list of over 300 songs recorded by The Beatles, from Love Me Do to Let It Be, plus fascinating articles on each, including rarities, TV and radio performances, trivia, artwork, and much more. This page contains links to features on The Beatles' albums, in chronological order of release. They focus mainly on the original UK releases, which have since become the established albums in the group's canon, along with various other releases such as Love, the Anthology volumes and Live At The BBC. the beatles album list and songs Beatles Home Beatles Biography Beatles Discography Beatles Song lyrics Beatles Songwriting Beatles Store Beatles Links More Beatles information. Beatles Song Lyrics (by Album) Please Please Me (1963) With The Beatles (1963) Beatles For Sale (1964) Hard Day's Night (1964) Help! (1965) Rubber Soul

214 rows  The Beatles were an English rock band from Liverpool who recorded hundreds of songs during their career. The group's main catalogue songs released between 1962 and 1970 consists of 213 songs (some of which exist in different versions): 188 originals and 25 covers. the beatles album list and songs

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